I’ve always been enamored with the idea of “basket houses”. I’d always wished that I would have been alive to experience the 60’s – leading many to call me a “hippie” (so be it) – and basket houses are a big part of that era, for me. I spent a year living in Greenwich Village, experiencing the highs and lows that not only come along with life, but with city life in particular. While I was disappointed on many occasions as I walked around, observing all of the places I longed for that were long gone, many at the hands of NYU, it was still a connection to that life I never had a chance to live.


I’m 23-years-old. People call me a “free spirit”, “restless”,  a “wanderer”, and a whole slew of other things. I don’t know how to explain myself to you. My passion in life is music and helping people realize their dreams. Maybe I am restless. I like to see the world, meet new people, and explore new cultures. Hopefully through my blog, you can learn more about me than I could ever present to you speaking in a rigid form.


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