The Move

It’s hard to move past something that was once your dream. We all experience this time and time again.

I haven’t been shy about expressing the sadness I felt about moving out of New York. I channeled everything I had into my future plans – which was a great idea, but then that plan didn’t work out so well, either. Of course, nothing goes smoothly when it comes to moving. My move to New York was far less than ideal, too, and I paid for it (both literally and figuratively) when I decided to jump into the deep end anyway. But, this time, when I saw that my new dream simply was not ready to be put into action, I found another plan.

It’s still a little weird not to be living in New York. I miss it a lot. I miss not having to worry about the weather, cleaning my car, or the bad roads. Hopping out the door and into a cab/down to the subway was all I needed to do to get anywhere. Entertainment was everywhere and on any given night I could go to any kind of show I pleased. It was wonderful, and I thought that nothing else could fit in my heart because New York expanded it so much.

I was wrong. I’m not in New York, but I’ve still found a community. There’s an alive and well music community – an absolute must for me. I’m still surrounded by interesting people who inspire me, are comfortable to be around, and generally fun to be with.

I’m happy here, and I know that as always, nothing is permanent. My next dream is still out there, and this place is just one step that may finally get me closer to where I want to be on my never-ending quest to grow as a person.

I’ve always been known as a stubborn person; a person who always goes after what they want until they have it. But, what I want just may have to happen in ways I didn’t originally plan. And I’m finally starting to learn that this is all just a part of the journey.


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