Give It Another Try!

This week, I decided to make homemade potato soup. I’ve been talking about this for awhile, and there were leftover potatoes from dinner Wednesday night, so it seemed like a good opportunity to finally do it:


It was actually pretty good! A little spicier than I thought it would be (I made liberal use of spices, I guess). I’m fairly sure I disliked potato soup as a kid, and I knew that going in, but, I did enjoy it. And now I have more leftovers. Isn’t that always the case?

With the cold weather getting closer and closer to freezing me out, I made a mental note to make this more in the winter. I’m also constantly on the hunt for warmer clothes. I’m at that phase right now where I’m transitioning out of my kind of lazy, whatever clothes that were acceptable to bum around in on campus or whatever. Don’t get me wrong – I was never a wear-sweatpants-to-class/stores kind of girl, but I’m looking to get more polished. I wore a lot of (mostly band) hoodies in those days.

I was so happy to see one of my favorite websites, xoJane, tackle the warm tights issue yesterday. Tights are impossible, guys. So cute, but not so warm. And I like my dresses. I’m really feeling the Target fleece-lined ones in “old wine”, especially. I’m also hunting for jeans in that color, or corduroys. Anything, really. If you have any tips on where to get them for a reasonable price, let me know!

Most of my days this week have been spent reading for class. We had a choice of four books, and I took the opportunity to give something else another try:


I’ve never really gotten into the Rolling Stones. Perhaps it’s another thing from my childhood. One of my family’s favorite stories is how I used to “hate” The Doors, and would run outside screaming anytime they put one of their records on. I love The Doors now; I just liked rebelling as a kid. I also hated spaghetti. You can’t take childhood-me too seriously.

This book is much, MUCH longer than any of my other choices, but hey, I like reading, and I’m hoping it will help me on my journey to understanding the Stones better.

Have you been giving anything another try lately? “Old wine” colored jeans, perhaps? 😉


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