Tryday Friday

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon flipping through magazines in a waiting room. As I sat there looking at all of the clothes I would buy if I were very rich, I realized how many things each week I say I want to try.

I now present you with…Try-Day Friday! Here’s what I’ve decided to try out this week:

Railroad jeans! I’ve been moaning about my wardrobe lately, and I think railroad-striped jeans are just what I’ve been wanting:

Image(jeans by

October is over, and with it has gone my insatiable appetite for all-things-pumpkin. Oh, well. Sweet potatoes have taken their place and I can’t wait to eat them. I’m especially intrigued by the idea of sweet potatoes diced up into tacos, especially as I’m not a big fan of beef:

Image(photo provided by

And as I’m always seeking out new artists and checking out what the hype is about, this week I tried out Lorde:


Side note: am I the only one who can’t believe how young she is?

What did you try, or were you inspired to try in the future, this week?


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